It could be said that without fear of contradiction that most name of the Municipality of Zamboanga del Norte including the province itself derived from the earliest settlers.

In the earlier part of the history of Sindangan, there were two barrios include namely, Labason and Liloy.  Salug then was a mere sitio of the rustic village of Liloy. Legend has it then an adventurous young man from the village of Liloy, on reaching a certain river, was affronted the problem of crossing as there were no sign of available means to ferry him to the other side. While engrossed with this problem, a Subano coming from nowhere he knew, make an Indian sign asking him if he wish to cross the river.  In return, he asked the almost naked Subano the name of the place. the Subano thinking he was being asked if there may possibility of crossing the river, answered "Salog" meaning that the current of the river was very strong.

In his departure, the Christian carried into his memory "Salug" is the name of the place beyond the other side of the river he wanted to cross.  Thus Salug become a popular name until it was officially declared so upon its creation into a municipality.

By virtue of Republic Act 2310 dated June 21, 1979, the Municipality of Salug was created, however, Araw ng Salug (Salug Day) is annually celebrated on the 18th day of September,

The 30 years of existence of Salug as a municipality has brought great changes in the socio-economic and cultural perspective of the town.  It could be traced that since the inauguration, Salug has passed three (3) administration, each has his own peculiar flatform of reform and activities but altogether geared to community development.